Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do the Vegan de Guadalupe, Frankenstein and his bride all have in common?

The walls here have had their awesomeness dramatically increased by a couple of new prints  recently snagged off  Etsy.

Vegan de Guadalupe
(patron saint of vegan kitchens)
Our kitchen needed a patron saint and so does yours!  You can get your own over at  Be sure to check out all of  the other adorable unique prints available at Viva La Craft.

I first fell in love with the Vegan de Guadalupe when on saw her on the Vegan de Guadalupe Cookzine for sale at I bought this super cute vegan cookzine last year.  It's full of great Mexican recipes.

Last but definitely  not least are the excellent prints we picked up from Point Blank Art & Design.  The prints arrived in about 4 days, and came with lots of extras.  There are dozens of great  prints available. I've got my eye on Point Blanks Christopher Lee's Dracula. We will be back there for more!


  1. You have excellent taste in art. :)

  2. Great stuff ~ right? I can't wait to get more. We also have some of Pinkytoast's stuff and a few black apples. But they were bought months ago.