Monday, July 12, 2010

Give away!

*--*--*--*--Wanna win a trio of our 2oz candles?--*--*--*--*

Rebecca from is hosting a giveaway of 3 of our 2oz candles in ADDITION to one of her awesome bars of soap (some of which seem to be vegan friendly) on her blog  Stop by the blog for more info and to enter the giveaway.

Also...... a great big shot out and thank you to Creepy Queen Magazine for posting an interview with me in the hot products section of the Creepy Queen blog! Go to to read the interview.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

Leaving NYC and moving 75 miles north doesn't always seem like it was a good idea.  The lack of vegan restaurants, the snow and simply being an hour and half away from NYC can really get on my nerves.  Then the 4th of July comes around.  When the 4th comes  I remember why we moved to the Hudson Valley.  Our little town here closes the main streets to vehicles allowing children to have the run of the place all afternoon and most of the night.  I usually skip the afternoon festivities of parades, animal contests, races and street vendors.
But I always show my face for the fireworks. This years fireworks display did not disappoint, in fact I think those in charge of the pyrotechnics might have stepped up their game some. There was definitely a few new kabooms added last night - much to my delight!
After a few hours in the a.m. preping orders to ship I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking for Mike and the kids. I made a very Patriotic potato salad for lunch.  I combined purple (hoping they'd pass for blue) potatoes, red plum tomatoes and sliced sweet white onions.
 I parboiled the potatoes whole leaving their skins on.  (Leaving the potatoes whole with skins on helps them retain their vibrant purple color, if you peel them first they will turn an ugly grayish color during the parboiling process.)  I peeled  and quartered the potatoes. I sliced the onion and quartered the plum tomatoes. I added some fresh chopped Italian parsley and tossed everything in an olive oil vinaigrette dressing.
I'm still not sold on Purple Potatoes.  Visually they definitely add something, but they are rather costly and I'm not certain I like the texture of them.  I find them to be kind of grainy, actually mealy might be a better description.  Without a doubt I prefer red skinned or good old fashioned white potatoes.
I also made Philly Cheese Stake wraps with a homemade cashew "cheddar" cheese sauce.  I sauteed Tofurky Philly style steak deli slices (  with sliced onions and peppers until everything was browned and crispy. Before I wrapped up the sauteed stuff I smothered everything in "cheddar" sauce.  I firmly believe that creamed cashew's can replace just about any dairy product.  We finished the 4th with a very patriotic dessert. An apple pie?????
HELL NO! An extra super chocolatey chocolate cake. As far as I'm concerned chocolate beats apples any day of the year, even the 4th of July.