Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peachy Keen

  Allow me to introduce little Miss Peachy Keen.

This retro inspired doll  made her debut in the shop last night. I just love her, don't you!
Peachy Keen is our first new candle for 2010.  Not only is she a new scent ~ she's also the first to be listed in one of our newest tin sizes.  All of our scents are now available in a small, medium and a soon to come double wicked large 8oz tin.  The small is the same 2oz we've been using for the last several years.  Our new medium size is a much larger wider tin.  While it holds the same amount of wax as the 6oz tins we've used in the past, it allows for a bigger label and a much larger image.  You'll get the same amount of candle as before only our original  label art will be bigger, brighter and better.
There's a few more newbies waiting to make their debut as well.  Check back often ~ you won't be disappointed!

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