Friday, October 2, 2009

Vegan MoFo 2009 day 2 ~ Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake ~

This vegan chocolate chip crumb cake is a variation of Isa Chandar Moskowitz East Coast Coffee Cake from Vegan Brunch.  Vegan Brunch has quickly become one of my all time favorite cook books.  So far everything we've tried  has been LOVED! For my chocolate crumb version I doubled the the cake recipe and added 1 cup natural unsweetened baking cocoa and 1 cup of choclate chips to the crumb topping.  I sprinkled Hain organic powdered sugar all over it once it  cooled. 

The kids thought the chocolate crumb was a bit bitter without the powdered sugar.  I thought it was fine either way.  I doubled the cake part of the recipe because after making it once before we all decided that the cake was so good that we wanted more of it.

Lately my Bay Rum soy candle has gotten lots of attention.  The last two weeks it has made it to Etsy's front page 3 times.  I'm thrilled with all of the love the candle has been receiving but we have dozens of others that are deserving of lots of love as well.  With Halloween coming I thought I'd highlight a few of my "darker" candles.  First up is:

Man Eater is a complex blend of sensual amber, lotus blossom, and sweet jasmine accented with tangy orange and delicate orchids. This candle is black in color and topped off with a dazzling glittery splash of color.  Man Eater is available in 6oz tin, 2oz tin and Shea Butter Solid Fragrance balm. 

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  1. That crumb cake looks fantastic! I'm not adventurous enough yet with baking to alter the recipes, but this is inspiring. I will try this next time I have a cake-suitable event. Yum!