Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Vegan Mofo 2010!

This years Vegan Mofo arrived  not a minute to soon for me. The last two months were a bit rough for our family. We're all fine now and hard at work getting back into the swings of things, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a tad bit of residual post traumatic stress disorder.  Halloween and the Mofo were just what I needed to shake the little black cloud that's been following me around the last few days.

Black Bean Soup is the perfect companion to a chilly night of trick or treating.  I topped each bowl of soup with a teaspoon of a sour cream like blend of Vegenaise, tahini, lemon juice, almond milk, garlic powder and sea salt.  

The kids dressed up in their usual homicidal best, except for Em. She went the old Hollywood route.  We didn't carve pumpkins this Halloween for the first time in 18 yrs. - a decision I deeply regret.  Next year we'll have to carve two each to correct this injustice. 

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. Be sure to check out some of the other blogs particapating in this years Vegan Mofo.  You can find a list at


  1. Sounds nice! And I'm glad to hear you're all safe and sound, if still getting back on your feet.

  2. Happy 'MoFo! Here's to happy days and yummy food! xo

  3. Love your pumpkin cream garnish!! ^_^ And your costumes are GREAT