Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cheesiness defined

Today Mike brought home Daiya shredded cheddar.  He  picked up the Daiya at Whole Foods Tribeca 270 Greenwich Street  New York,   NY 10007.  Some girls have husbands that bring them home flowers, I have a husband that brings me home cheese, vegan cheese.  I used my cheesy gift to make some super stuffed quesadillas, which came out amazing by the way.  I made a few simple grilled cheese quesadillas and they were excellent too.  I have hated every brand of vegan cheese that I've tried. I tend to shy away from any recipe that calls for nondairy cheese, until now. Your Omni friends will have a hard time believing that you are serving them vegan cheese if you use Daiya Cheddar in your recipes.  For family budget purposes Daiya is a bit pricey.  I cook for 7 people every day so I'm sure you can understand why price is a huge  issue with me.  The containers Mike brought home were $5.29 each and we were able to make about 5 quesadillas a container, trust me it was well worth it! The biggest problem I've had with vegan quesadillas is the trouble they have staying together - with the Daiya that wasn't a problem.  It melted so nicely.  We piled beans, veggies, and  Morningstar Farms crumbles - the Daiya held it all together perfectly!  For locations where you can buy Daiya, or for a list of restaurants that use Daiya products check out                                                                          

Yesterday we went to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.  I have to admit, I wasn't blown away.  I enjoyed it, but it was somewhat dull.  You will not find a bigger Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman nor Helena Bonham Carter fan then me (especially when they work together) but the movie for me, definitely lacked something.  I don't know what - but something.
We also saw Benicio Del Toro in  The Wolfman.  First I must admit that if I wasn't a happily married woman I'd probably be in jail for stalking Mr. Del Toro. I love him. I have loved him ever since I first saw him in The Usual Suspects. I do however love him enough to admit that he is a terrible actor - especially in The Wolfman.  I still enjoyed the movie anyway.  I've read reviews that ripped everything from Danny Elfman's musical score to how fast the moon moved.  The moon did move very fast, but it did so to depict the fact that several full moons pass throughout the course of the story.  I liked it all, the music, the actors, the gypsies, the moon - all of it!  Movie reviewers are stupid, don't listen to any of them.
Before I end this post I wanted to share with you my favorite new print.  I found this sassy little Zombie Hunter print while putting together a zombie treasury a few weeks back. Isn't she cute.  I had to get one.  I picked up this gorgeous plum frame from Home Goods. The frames color matches the print perfectly, like they were made for each other.  Just like me and my vegan cheese baring husband.   Before you puke from all of the cheesiness going on here stop by and get your own Zombie Hunter print. 

And yes cheesiness is a real word.  Here are some of the definitions I found:

chees·i·er, chees·i·est
cheesi·ly adv.
cheesi·ness n.

1. Containing or resembling cheese.
2. Informal Of poor quality; shoddy.
3. tasteless; tacky

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