Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whole Lotta Snow

Seems like New York  has received an entire winters worth of snow in the last 2 weeks.  I usually don't mind snow. That is until it delays UPS  from delivering my supplies, then I hate it.  Since  the snow has delayed several  deliveries we are no longer friends, the snow and I. Friendship with UPS is on shaky grounds as well. The only thing Brown can do for me lately is piss me off.   

The kids love the snow and wholeheartedly welcomed all of it.  They celebrated the new snowfall by burying each other in it.  And, trying to make the worlds largest snowball.  

Work on the worlds biggest snowball is still incomplete.  With the help of google we found out that the largest snowball is 21 feet, needless to say - the kids have along way to go to beat that record.  Yesterday's 8 inches of new snowfall  should come in handy.

The rest of us welcomed all the snow by watching Dead Snow. 

Dead Snow is the 2009 Norwegian Nazi Zombie movie.  The movie has English subtitles.  The story  is quick but very predictable. There are a few really great scenes.  Bottom line; if you like Zombies, intestines, Zombie Nazis, snow, blood and complete silliness (which we do!), then you'll enjoy Dead Snow.   While Michael (my other half) wasn't impressed,  the rest of us enjoyed every minute of it.  Dead Snow will not be showing up at the top of any of my Zombie movie lists, however 3 out of 4 of us do highly recommend it.  Wanna know what is at the top of my Zombie movie list? Right now:
The list is growing and always changing, so no complaints please - besides these are only my 3 favorites. I know Zombie purest will argue that 28 Weeks Later isn't really a Zombie movie, and I'd have to agree for the most part. I too would  rather my Zombies  rise from the dead  than be infected with the Monkey Rage Virus.  But I like 28 Week Later anyway, Monkey Rage and all. 

***Right now you can get Shaun Of  The Dead for $5.00 at Target.  

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